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Shamless Promotion:

Having fun and making waves


Promoting any idea, product or event is easy when you know, enjoy and love your subject. I flexed my shameless promotion muscles this past summer when assisting my boy in raising funds for an indie film project - a passion I've watched grow and blossom over the last 20 years. Sure, I probably know him better than any other human on the planet, but by using the raw material of imagery and the goal of engaging and entertaining readers, I had a great time with it and did a damn good job of raising the almighty kwan beyond his fundraising goals. 

Excuse me while I tap my dorsal side. As they say on SNL, "Whose back? MY back!"

Post 1


As the mom of a sensitive, intelligent and creative young man, I couldn't be more proud.

As the mother of a child who has developed a remarkable level of resilience and compassion, my heart couldn't be more full.

And as the mom of a young man on the Autism Spectrum who has used his voice to share his gifts, I am in awe of his courage and strength.

Please take a moment to read Matt's indiegogo campaign regarding his short film and spread the word that we all have a lot to learn from art, love and different ways of seeing.

Heading 1

L’Dor V’Dor isn’t just a “project” – it’s been a lifetime in

the making.

Matt was 2 years old when he first watched “Willy Wonka and

the Chocolate Factory”, and then refused to leave the house

without his own brown hat and ‘walking stick’ for an entire year.

Since then he’s wanted to learn as much as he can about

theater and film: drama programs, Metro-West JCC Triple

Threat Theater, film camps, high school musicals and plays,

courses in special effect make-up, costume design, 7 hours per

week for 5 years after school & Saturdays at the NJ Film School,

and he’s about to begin his senior year majoring in

writing/directing (with oodles of theater classes under his belt

as well)…THIS. IS. THE. DREAM.

          NOW is his chance to take the next step as an independent filmmaker.

matt & willy.jpeg

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Post 2A


YOU can help support Matt make his dream a reality by offering the following support:

  • If you are so inclined, please donate whatever is reasonable and affordable via his Indiegogo campaign

  • Repost and and encourage your friends to do the same

  • Share this with your writer, theater, film, entertainment, musician, and teacher friends (and all the rest, too!)

  • Email details to your organizational affiliations, print it out and hang it in your shop, sing it from the rooftops, send smoke signals, or write it in the sky…

This is a meaningful, impactful film, written by an incredibly talented

young man who has worked so very hard to reach this point. Any

assistance you can offer to help him cross the finish line is most

definitely appreciated!




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Post 3


Embracing Autism: (Top L clockwise) Matt raised funds for the ASPEN Autism Spectrum Education Network with the assistance of Stephen Schwartz from Building Blocks Workshops; Matt spoke at the spring ASPEN panels of young adults with Asperger's; Matt was interviewed and filmed for a documentary about the value of artistic expression in curriculums for kids with Autism. — with Stephen Schwartz and Matthew Kamis.

I may or may not have mentioned that this summer my son is filming his senior thesis and upcoming film festival entry.

Those of you who know him may or may not be texting me “Duh". 

That’s because Matt has been a walking, talking human incarnation of IMDb for the majority of his life. He knows pretty much anything and everything there is to know about movies…quite often more than his professors. And it may or may not be kind of annoying and magical at the same time.

A few weeks ago during a long-distance trip, I recorded the first episode of “Jews in a car talking about movies” (a.k.a., conversing with my son in a place from which he cannot – and definitely may not – escape). Anyway, I asked Matt to tell me what sparked his initial interest in film, how it has influenced his life, and what he hopes to contribute through his own screenplays, directorial efforts, and production choices.


Post 3A

We also discussed his thoughts on the relationship

between having high-functioning Autism and his

love of all things motion picture.Matt was born into

this world with unique neurological wiring and a

distinctive multi-sensory perspective of the world

around him.


Ridiculously smart and artistically gifted, he’s always

been eager to interact with, befriend and learn

from others, despite the latter being difficult at

times. Whereas Matt continues to transform his

challenges into strengths, his growth has been

beyond exponential. He’s always processed his

experiences and expressed himself with the

assistance of art and storytelling. However, the arc

of a screenplay, the visual presentation of emotion,

and the worlds created through film spoke to him

in a way that verbal communication didn’t…until it



Having completed two internships at the Cannes

Film Festival, worked on big budget films as well as

independent projects, and been both a finalist and

winner in film competitions, Matt’s own history of

resilience, heart, hard work, and willingness to move

beyond his comfort zone are almost as beautiful

as the stories he now shares through dialogue and



HOWEVER, don’t let his various successes fool you into thinking he’s in the clear, because Matthew may or may not meet the financial goals necessary to bring his own project to fruition. That may or may not have something to do with YOU. Any and all support you choose to offer will assist Matt in achieving a whole new level of “Matt-ness”.


                                                                                                          The deadline for raising funds is JULY 6th, 2019. T

                                                                                                          learn more about Matt’s film and his Indiegogo

                                                                                                          campaign, go ahead and click the link below. Please

                                                                                                          consider donating if you can, and definitely share it

                                                                                                          with every living creature you may or may not know.

                                                                                                          Just copy the link and paste it in an email and/or the

                                                                                                          social media outlet of your choice.





Expression through art: (Top L clockwise) After Matt saw THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA on Broadway, he came home and built a lego model of the "Opera Popular"; While enduring a flare-up of a chronic pain condition when he was 14, Matt's artistic expression said more than any words could; Matt's elementary school created a display of Matt's art in fifth grade highlighting what art means to him, and what type of art and which artists inspire him (clearly Pop Art by Lichtenstein has a strong vibe in this selection).


Strong influences in Matt's development: (L top to bottom, R top to bottom) Home away from home with Elizabeth Decker Messineo and Chris Messineo of NJ Film School; cousins Kayla Cagan (author of PIPER PERISH and ART BOSS among other greats) and Josh A Cagan (screenwriter, podcaster, resurrectionist of KIM POSSIBLE and all around cool guy) with a dad photo-bomb; Dori Broudy Mendel & Co., as well as Chip Matthew, both staff from Fusion Academy sharing that X-factor magic created when your educators are your family, too; and last but not least, like father like son. 

Post 3B

This movie maven can do it all:

Funding: ?????????

Meanwhile, time's a-ticking for

Matt to reach his indiegogogoal

to complete his independent film!

PUH-LEEZ help us make it to the

finish line. If you are able, please

donate. Any and all forwarding

and sharing of information about

Matt’s film and indiegogo

campaign is much appreciated!

movie maven.jpg

Post 4

Post 5

You can teach a man to fish, you can teach a man to cook fish, you can teach a man some magic, and teach him how to make a film.

But teaching a man how to make movie magic? Sounds fishy to me - that kind of magic comes from deep in one’s soul.






















Matt is SOOOOOO close to meeting his fundraising goal to bring his independent film, L’DOR V’DOR, to life. Please consider donating to his indiegogo campaign. What a shame it would be for such a great script to end up sleeping with the fishes.

And yes, I am shameless. Get over it.

Pamper head.jpg

Post 6 in, time to take it.

Taking action is a necessary concept for our times...SO many actions to take in standing up for ourselves, our communities, and all of the persons born into this world with the universal right to safety, family, love, acceptance and peace.

In the grand scheme of life, surviving and thriving takes first, second and third places, plus many honorable mentions. No bout adout it.

However, let’s not forget the artists who communicate this information in such a way that opens our minds and hearts to raw emotional, intellectual, and personal expressions that spur us to see with new eyes, hear a tidbit we hadn’t considered, and to think deeply and respond in kind.

L’dor V’dor is one of these films. Well, it’s not a film’s got a great script, crew, budget, plan, schedule, reserved equipment, venue, and a whole lot of heart.

With your support Matt can bring this all into reality, and contribute a new voice and perspective.

Thank you again for all your support. And if you want to take a peak at what L’dor V’dor is all about, to share with your friends, and/or donate, just click the link below: IwAR0Kg X2DPptqH5xYy


Post 7

Yes? Then you’ll love Matt’s new film, L’Dor V’dor...

...but only if he meets his budget in the next few days!!! Ya’ can’t make a movie without the almighty kwan to fund it.

Wanna help out? Just go ahead and

Thank you for considering!


Post 8

It’s been in his blood forever, folks.

Matthew “The Claw” Kamis has been a-brewing storylines, music and lyrics since toddlerhood (although probably with a little less Ethel Merman vibe).

But look at that adorable little mouth, just South of his big brown eyes and Maybelline-length lashes, begging you: “Please! I’m so close! Your support would make me as happy as a frozen Eggo waffle on teething day!”

THIS CLOSE the finish line, and with your help, Matt’s independent film will see the light of day (and dark of theater). Maybe he’ll even exceed his budget and rent stellar film equipment...ah, but to dream.

“Rockabye, baby, I love this kid, please show support or just tell us you did...”

Thank you, I’ll be here all week, try the veal.

To learn more about Matthew’s film, to make a donation or share the information, click below:

Post 9

FILM 101.jpg

Hey! It’s me…again.

Guess what? Matt is raising money to make an independent film with a great story and deeply touching meaning - a kawfee-tawk book-club kind of platform. Or movie-club fodder.

Are there movie clubs? There should be...

He’s remarkably close to meeting his goal which, to be frank (which I’m not, I’m Hayley), is the bare bones bottom line…only one cupcake per crew member kind of budget.

Since everyone deserves one cupcake if not more (I mean, come on, they’re cupcakes…), I’m sure you can understand Matt’s need to reach at least his indiegogogoal. Your assistance, in any form - donation, re-posting of Matthew’s indiegogo campaign link, telling your friends, neighbors, barista, orthodontist - is surely helpful and much appreciated.

Thank you for all your support. And by the way: don’t call me Shirley.


Post 10

Matthew Sklar (@sklarbar73), composer extraordinaire, suggested, “Donate to Matthew Kamis’s film, a harmonious song of the heart.”

Kal Penn (@kalpenn) says that “L’dor V’dor is the medicine this country needs...YES! YES! I knew you had it in you, dude!”

And Bruce Campbell (@brucelcampbell) added, “Alright you primitive screw heads, listen up: This film is boomstick material!”

NOTE: This may or may NOT be true.

Or just NOT.

What IS true is that Matt’s father, being uncharacteristically directed by his son in this photo, is VERY excited to see the final product of Matt’s hard work and creative vision. And so am I.

Aren’t you curious, too?!! If so, check out Matthew’s indiegogo campaign, share it with your entourage, and please consider donating to make his dream a reality!

Post 11


Please keep the good juju, Jew-Jew (the name of the film is L’DOR V’DOR...), luck, prayers,

and totally awesome vibes a-coming!

Post 12


Elvis has almost left the building - only 5 hours left:

Wanna contribute to Matt’s first independent film?

Curious to read what it’s about?

Eager for me to stop posting about this?

One last time:

- Check out Matthew’s indiegogo site for details:

- Read my article about his film:

- Get a good night’s sleep knowing we’ve shared a prayer of thanks for all your support.

Post 13

Batman popcorn.png

Holy popcorn, Batman!

Matthew Kamis’s indiegogo goal to raise funds for shooting his independent film, L’DOR V’DOR, has been met!!!!

Thank you so very much to our friends & family, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from above and below the equator, to infinity & beyond. YOU.ARE.ROCKSTARS.

We are so very grateful for your kindness, generosity and enthusiasm sharing in our efforts. On behalf of Matt, the cast & crew, and myself, we couldn’t be more appreciative of your generosity and support.

So...we’re hoping you won’t indiegogo anywhere and just hear us out:

A percentage of the funds raised must be shared with the fine folks at indiegogo. And any additional donations beyond Matt’s goal will allow for renting higher quality film equipment, submission fees for additional festival entries, and the option of buttercream vs. whipped cream icing on the cupcakes.

That last one isn’t true. I just love cupcakes and try to work them into any conversation. Truth be told, Every cent must be used for film costs, and much to my dismay, that doesn’t cover cupcakes.

Anyway, this campaign remains open until Sunday, 7/7/19. So, if you’ve thought about donating but were too busy finishing your tax returns (unfortunately that one IS true...), you intended to pass along the information to potentially interested parties but didn’t get to it, or you would seriously love to see your name scroll through the movie credits and add it to your resume, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.Whatever you decide from here forward, please know we are most grateful for all your help. As always, follow the link below to learn more about L’DOR V’DOR, to donate, or to pass it along. IwAR0KgX2DPptq H5xYyS51X69lZaCjUGQdtQA5FqSxnNWgYNUtCEl03SZUo1o#/

Last Post!!!


Matt has come a long way to realize his dreams.

Thank you for all your support, and see you at the screening!

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