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Save the Drama

I wear a mask to protect you, you wear a mask to protect me.

Everyone is tired. I get it, I'm tired too. It's hot, sweaty and uncomfortable wearing a mask in summer. Yep, I'm with you there. Your glasses get fogged up? So do mine! And those arrows in the grocery store are WAY annoying.

I miss my friends and family, I want to hug my nieces tight, and I'd love to visit an eating establishment and sit in an air-conditioned room while I boisterously laugh with my homies and sip frozen lemonade. And schools? Don't get me started. I am FED UP with the toll that Coronavirus has taken on my life.

So. F*#$ing. What.

I'M STILL ALIVE, and I'm thankful for that fact. I think I'll go ahead and pass along the courtesy of doing my part in keeping others alive & well, too. Social responsibility and all.

The fact remains that COVID does not act like any other virus, it affects young and old alike, just because you don't feel sick doesn't mean you aren't spreading that sick to others, and there is no treatment. And don't for a second entertain the thought that being on a ventilator is an option that anyone would choose. Been there, done that, got a hospital gown.

SARS-cov-2 is not, nor has it ever been, intelligently, responsibly or accurately comparable to the flu. HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS BEFORE YOU ACCEPT & UNDERSTAND?

And of course we all know there are dangers inherent in everyday activities, such as driving or riding in a car. But that's why we have laws against drunk driving: your choices regarding how you drive can hurt OTHER people...just like all the other choices you make. Say, for instance, wearing a mask.

If you enjoy high-adrenaline, risky activities, go crazy - have the time of your life. You have every right. But what you don't have the right to do is put MY life - or anyone I love, know or have never heard of - in danger because of an inconvenience or reduced threshold for discomfort.

But if you have a burning desire to whine with the intensity of a Shakespearean tragedy, to quote Hamlet Act III, Scene III, line 87: No.

Just, NO.

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