I said what???

Here at Comedy Central, a.k.a., my house, we frequently throw around a line from one of the "Lethal Weapon" movies as commentary on each other's commentary. It goes a little something like this:

"Everyone thinks they have a sense of humor...".

Truth be told, it's a pretty accurate statement, at least with my family. Some things are funny just to the three of us, but others are, well, more independently appreciated.

Although my father has been gone for over 12 years, when something catches my attention and kick-starts my smart-ass, I can hear his observational one-liners or photo captions in my mind (had Instagram been a thing back then). But I'll take credit for them here, assuming they're divinely inspired.

Still, I'm quite serious when it comes to quotes, quoting quotes, and collecting quotes. As I've said before, words are  my jam. I've been collecting them since Middle School when I started keeping a journal of my adolescent-infused essays, melodramatic poetry, and other people's wise and funny words. So on the rare occasion I say something amusing or meaningful - even if it's just amusing and meaningful to me, I save those, too. Here are some of my favs, not to be outdone by those posted on my "Images" page, which are typically more inspired by my heart than my funny bone.

I think I'll start off braggadociously with a "fill-in" that one of my quote generating heroes, Karen Salmahnson, happened to appreciate (see above)...which I just learned two years after-the-fact. Behind the curveball, I am. Excuse me while I fan-girl just a little...

Get in touch. Drop me a line. Or a circle. Maybe even a parallelogram. I'm not picky.

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