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It's very important to me that I get it right, and by "it" I mean communication. In my experience, communicating is tantamount to connecting with others, which is what life is all about.

As a speech & language specialist working with individuals who experience challenges or frustration expressing themselves in such a way that they are confident in being understood, I've observed how deeply meaningful it is to be heard, to be seen, or as some say, "to feel felt". Being on the receiving end can be pretty tough, too, when we care about others and want to understand their experiences, thoughts and feelings. 

Having earned my keep for many years providing Integrative Medicine services (stress reduction, relaxation, pain management, etc.) to patients, families, caregivers and clinical staff, the physical - or perhaps more specifically the metaphysical - aspect of connecting to not only one another but to ourselves is equally as vital. However we can show up, be present, hold ourselves together as well as raise up those around us is what gives us meaning, provides purpose, and without a shadow of a doubt know we are here and deserve to be counted.

And don't forget to laugh -- humor and not taking yourself too seriously is key. Because we're all weirdos...that, my friends, is a universal truth.

For me, writing my thoughts, feelings, ideas and observations helps me move through them rather than get stuck in them. And it's just fun. Taking photographs and making art of any kind lets me hold onto the beauty, awe, and even silliness that I see around me. I guess this makes my blog a "letting-go" and "holding-on" kind of place.

Yin and Yang, people. It's all about the balance.

So, take a look around. See what you like, what you don't, what moves you, what doesn't - no commitments here. If you'd like to keep an eye on what I put out into the interweb, feel free to join the mailing list. Or check back in. You do you...as Oscar Wilde said, everyone else is already taken. For sure, my brand of weirdo certainly is.

xoxo - hayley

Get in touch. Drop me a line. Or a circle. Maybe even a parallelogram. I'm not picky.

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