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Believe it or not, I have an actual job: providing integrative energy healing to individuals looking to recalibrate to a more calm, less stressful, reduced pain, more balanced way of being with their bodies and mindsl.
Cool, right?

If you'd like more information, to schedule an appointment or ask any questions about the services I provide (including workshops, speaking engagements, and group classes), feel free to head on over to my website, www.Handsfullofheart.com (you can just go ahead on click on the link there).

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Hayley Cagan Kamis, MA, CCC-SLP, RM/T

In the meantime, here are the highlights:

Who am I?

That's a very existential question, so I'll let my bio do the talking:

With over 30 years of experience as a healthcare provider, cognitive therapist, administrator, and author/editor, Hayley is uniquely positioned to support and advocate on behalf of individuals and caregivers throughout the many stages of life. As an integrative medicine practitioner, she has utilized a number of time-honored complementary and alternative modalities to assist, train and educate individuals regarding symptom management, stress and pain reduction, major life transitions, personal growth, and conflict resolution.


Hayley’s professional experience includes working in university settings, large multi-center health systems, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and private practice. Her workshops, lectures and presentations have been well-received at international conferences, continuing education seminars and community outreach programs. Hayley’s writing has been published in peer-reviewed journals, newsletters and special-topic publications.

What do I do?

I provide Integrative Approaches to Healing and Wellness for those experiencing chronic pain, anxiety, depression, frustration, navigating significant life challenges, stress, and overall having forgotten what it feels like to experience a setttled, relaxed sense of being. We work on re-setting your response to stressors to a less-heightened state, as well as work on how to initiate a calm interior when you find yourself in the midst of a storm.

How do I do it?

As my father would say, "verrrrrrrry carefully." But that's not really what you were asking, right?

I use various Energy Healing Modalities to connect with Universal Life Energy (the energy that animates all of life), provide connection to your body, and then your body's own healing wisdom knows where to send that energy. The goal: to clear any "stuck" spots as your mind-body-spirit remember what it feels like to be still, calm and in balance.

What modalities do I use?

I'm so glad you asked.  I am a trained practitioner in the following modalities:

Reiki Master

Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ)

Integrative Energy Therapy

Clinical Qi Gong

Therapeutic Touch

Impact Reflexology

Guided Imagery Therapist

End-of-Life Doula (in training)

What modalities do YOU use?

I feel very strongly about the importance of actively participating in one's own healing, or the actions that lead you to being more than your suffering. My involvement is only part of the equation. You, my friends, are quite capable of taking the lead and using various Integrative tools to use on-demand, in the heat of the moment, when life feels a little extra.  That means that you will also learn methods to ease through tough times as they pop up, and believe me, they POP.


What about traditional Western Medicine?

Integrative approaches to healing and wellness are just that: INTEGRATIVE. In other words, these modalities, when included as an adjunct in medical treatment, allow for whole-self healing. They are never intended as a substitute for medical intervention, physician assessment, or healthcare provision from a licensed professional in a clinical setting.


That said, Integrative approaches are useful in reducing pain, improving sleep, managing appetite, minimizing stress, lowering feelings of anxiety and fear, and creating an interpersonal experience of support - thus rectifying the inaccurate belief that you're "in this alone". Integrative methods support clients, patients and family members to actively engage in healing at a time when when everything feels topsy-turvy. So often we feel out-of-control in response to unexpected changes in our lives, our bodies, our relationships, and our plans gone awry. The truth is, we are all born with the ability to balance our mind-body-spirit connection, so that we may use our inherent skills to navigate the tough times with greater ease and less suffering.

Also very relevant to this fact is that scientific research supports the Mind-Body connection and its vital role in healing. My up-and-coming real website will be a great resource for this information, as is the currently incredible site TakingTimetoHeal.com .

Cue foreshadowing: What is TAKINGTIMETOHEAL.COM ?
Quite simply, it's amazeballs.

Taking Time to Heal is a REMARKABLE new venture that provides on-demand and scheduled Reiki, JSJ & Healing Touch virtual sessions on a humanized health-tech platform. It's also a woman-owned, woman-run business, populated by highly trained, well-educated and seasoned practitioners from all walks of life who have been vetted and security-cleared by the company's leaders. Our team includes nurses and a variety of healthcare clinicians schooled in all things energy healing, stress reduction and self-empowering. Sure, there are lots of useful websites and apps that are helpful resources for mindfulness and self-regulation. But Taking Time to Heal offers something these others don't: HUMAN CONNECTION

How do you get started?

This one's easy, peezy, lemon-squeezy. You can...

...send me an email:     hayley@handsfullofheart.com      

...give me a ring:            908-625-8161

...website:                       www.handsfullofheart.com



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